Palm weaving course – make a palm bag

Mala empreita Maria Joao

In the past, Loulé was a land of palm weavers, women who devoted their time to the craft of creating useful objects by intertwining the leaves of a particular type of palm tree indigenous to the Iberian Peninsula. In Portugal, it can be found in the Algarve and was used to make baskets of various shapes and sizes for transporting dried fruits and nuts. Using this ancient technique, called “empreita”, it is possible to make a type of complex plait, which can then be shaped to form the object you want to make.
In the workshop participants will learn the technique of “empreita” and use it in the confection of a versatile placemat that folds and becomes a small suitcase.
In this course you will learn how to work with the palm making an useful bag, called “alcofa”.



– Brief introduction to empreita
– Explanation of the palm preparation
– Tearing the palm leaves
– Reproduction of different “empreita” techniques (interweaving)
– Plaiting the strands
– Sewing the woven palm
– Trimming
– Make and sew the handles
– Creation and application of decorative techniques.

Dates: Start Date: 2016-07-13| End Date: 2016-07-16

Schedule: 9:30am – 4:30pm (break for lunch: 1:30pm-2:30pm) 

Price 125 euros (Includes the material and the creation)

Local: Loulé – Pólo Museológico dos Frutos Secos (Rua Gil Vicente 14, Loulé).

Registration here.

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