The tinsmith collective

Coletivo latoeiros 2

The collective that made reborn the tinsmith art


David, João and Túlio are part of the tinsmith collective that are keeping alive this technique in danger of extinction in the Algarve region. In fact, few are still practicing this trade in Portugal.

The collective is the result of “The Art of the Tinsmith” project promoted by the TASA Project with the partnership of the Silves Municipal Council, Messines Parish Council and EDP financial support. Over several months, the art of tinsmithing was taught, passing on knowhow in a master-apprentice model.

This collective formed in 2018 is now managing the different availability among all the members in order to respond to the (several) requests.

Each of them came with a varying backgrounds and life stories, but they all share a fascination for tinsmithing and the desire to make it part of their lives.

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