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Launch of the first phase of the TASA Project by the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission [CCDR Algarve] – Technical implementation of the project, lasting one year, contracted to “The Home Project”:

  • Involvement of 11 crafts people;
  • Creation of 27 products with a new image and function;
  • Consultation with five traditional arts companies;
  • Publication of a book on the project;
  • Creation of a blog;
  • Production and editing of audiovisual content following every stage of the project – teasers for the blog and documentary video – contracted to CESO Internacional.



The CCDR Algarve announces the ‘Terms of Reference’ for selecting non profit organisations applying to manage, consolidate and promote the project, without any financial compensation for the selected proposal:

  • Protocol between the CCDR Algarve and the Manuel Viegas Guerreiro Foundation;
  • Termination, by mutual agreement, of the CCDR – Manuel Viegas Guerreiro Foundation protocol and request for tender of other proposals (non profit organisations and companies) to manage, consolidate and promote the project, without any financial compensation for the selected proposal.


Creation, by Proactivetur, of a multidisciplinary team to manage TASA:

  • Protocol between the CCDR Algarve and Proactivetur – Responsible Tourism –  without funding from the promoter, in place (since March 2012);
  • Implementation, as per a business plan, of a strategy of self-sustainability based on the sale of products, services and tourist activities, involving craftspeople;
  • Organisation of the event “Ligações” – o artesanato ligado ao futuro [“Connections” – handicrafts connected to the future] (exhibitions, conversations and workshops regarding traditional arts);
  • Organisation of an international creative residence in which designers and craftspeople worked together in the creation of four new products.


Proactivetur activities within the scope of the protocol with the CCDR Algarve:

  • Publication of the 2014 product catalogue;
  • Participation in the ‘Shapes’ competition, organised in Portugal by the University of the Algarve through its Entrepreneurialism and Technology Transfer Division (CRIA), partner in the Sha.p.e.s. – Sharing prior excellence and support for the Med creative asset project. The TASA Project was selected as the best project – to represent Portugal at three events in France – Shapes Design Week, Italy – Milan International Fair – Homi and Spain – Barcelona Design Week;
  • Production of a prototype for the “Sleep tight” cork cradle designed by architect duo Karin Pereira and Sofia Chinita, which won 2nd prize in the ‘Green Furniture Award’ competition;
  • Became a partner of the Loulé Criativo Turismo initiative, as part of its programme of workshops and mini courses related to traditional arts.

Launch of the second phase of the Project by the CCDR Algarve (companies invited – The Home Project and Proactivetur).- Implementation of the second phase of the project contracted to Proactivetur:

  • Creation of 15 new products;
  • Involvement of 13 craftspeople, seven new traditional techniques;
  • Work with craftspeople from the Algarve, from the Alentejo, and from Spain’s Andalusia;
  • Collaboration of pupils from three schools in the Algarve (creation of graphic designs to use in the products);
  • Design of suitable labling and packaging for storing the products
  • Publication of the 2015-16 catalogue;
  • Part of the “Portuguese Arts and Crafts: paths of innovation” Thematic Exhibition at FIA – International Craft Fair.
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