A picnic basket made using the same techniques employed in Andalusian tabor drums and tambourines.

Cesta Piquenique - Notícias

New product in the Mourisco collection.

This picnic basket is part of the Mourisco collection, a series of pieces designed for pleasant open-air get-togethers, with family, friends and delicious products from the Mediterranean diet.

The collection includes handcrafted products from Andalusia and the Algarve, featuring contemporary lines, designed for today’s requirements. The aesthetics within this range are inspired by Andulsian tiles, featuring Arab-influenced geometric patterns, a heritage that is very marked in this region of Spain.

This basket was handcrafted using the construction technique employed in ‘tamboriles rocieros’ (tabor drums) and tambourines, from the traditional Andalusian pilgrimage – ‘La Romería de El Rocío’.

The wooden handle features a carved-out pattern seen on tiles typical to Andalusian architecture. The lid can be removed and turns into a table-tray, thanks to its fold-out legs. It features a special opening, for placing a bottle of wine.

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