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Balsa, Osia e Tríade, are the most recent products resulting from the “Craftspeople of the 21st Century” initiative promoted by the TASA Project to act through the sustainability of ancestral techniques making up an important cultural legacy of the region of the Algarve.

The technologies and materials used are the result of the harmonious relationship people have with their land, with regard to raw materials present in nature and to the inventiveness of the human hand.

Cadeira low

Osia – o cadeirão de tabua

Osia – bulrush armchair

In this project we revive the Algarve tradition of weaving the seats of simple structures made from wood found in the countryside to make elementary pieces of furniture for the home. This is a tribute to the basket weavers of an isolated and aged village in the hills of the Algarve, who said they felt “osia” (company) with the presence of the apprentices for the “Craftspeople of the 21st Century” course.


Balsa – a mala de empreita

Balsa – palm leaf weaving bag

Inspired by the traditional balsa, made with the empreita palm leaf weaving technique, which farm workers would use to carry their food for the day’s farming or animal tending. Leather is introduced and plaited together with the palm leaf through cuts with angles adjusted to the weaving.


Tabuleiro Tríade Set

Tríade Set

Winner of the TASA Innovation Award in natural fiber weaving. Set of three ceramic bowls to be carried on a practical tray; useful for serving starters, spices, nuts or even for holding small objects. The youthful design perspective on the ancestral art of making objects (basketry) for holding others.


We believe in the creation of current solutions to keep this ancient techniques useful and appealing, and to empower a new generation of craftspeople making this activity a profession, while raising awareness as to the cultural, environmental and social value of the activity and, thus, countering the trend towards arts and trades dying out.


The packaging, labelling and media produced by the TASA Project are a clear expression of the defence of values of sustainability and way of turning consumers into partners of the mission to value and safeguard traditional arts.

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Photography setting: Casa Modesta (Olhão – Portugal)

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