A fan transformed into a mat, from the Mourisco collection

A fan transformed into a mat, or a mat that is shaped like a fan… the intention is to facilitate long afternoons spent together in the company of family and friends, on a picnic rug, in true Mediterranean style.

This piece is part of the Mourisco collection, inspired by the motifs found in tiles from Andalusia (Spain), which date back to their Moorish legacy, and by the golden, brown and white hues of its architecture and landscape.

The mat is based on the traditional Seville fans, making the most of its circular shape for placing the picnic food and around it, picnic guests, whether on a lawn or at the beach.

It features two slats of wood carved with motifs of Andalusian tiles, and matting that easily fans 360º open and shut. It includes a strap for easy transport over the shoulder, meaning you can take it anywhere.

Design: Proactivetur_ Joana Cabrita Martins & Joana Regojo

TASA Project – Ancestral Techniques Current Solutions
    ProActive Tur
    Algarve 21