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Lilia Lopes



Lília Cabrita Lopes is a painter and ceramist, born in the sixties in S. Bartolomeu de Messines, in the county of Silves.
She began painting as a form of therapy, then worked for a few years in a workshop and finally opened her own, the “Atelier Dois LL”, 20 years ago.
Lilia considers that painting tiles or ceramics is something magical and always surprising! The chemical reactions that take place inside the oven during high temperature cooking, change the colors and only at the end, after the temperature goes down, can you see the result.
She says that the passion of getting his hands in the clay results from having grown up seeing the process of cooking the typical almond cakes from the Algarve.
She sees in TASA Project a way to get out of the comfort zone and try to achieve what someone else has idealized.
Creativity and transformation is what most excites her: “any piece, any work I do, is a bit of me, whether it’s a tile or pottery.”
Lília thinks that handcraft is being more valued, but artisans still needs to get more support in the advertising and sales techniques, and also in providing trainning programs in order to attract young people to continue the traditional arts and crafts.
She believes that the artisan should be valued as an artist.

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