Projecto TASA launches new website and online shop

On December 9, Projecto TASA – Técnicas Ancestrais Soluções Atuais – [TASA Project – Ancestral Techniques Current Solutions] launched its new website and online store. These new digital tools mark a turning point for the project, which aims to reinforce its position within the international market and improve marketing and communication in the Portuguese market.

From now on, anyone interested in items that merge the traditional arts of the Algarve with contemporary design, can now, easily and quickly, place their orders for products and services, both in Portuguese and English. The construction of these tools is an ongoing process of collecting and entering information. For this reason, we are still awaiting the contribution of several people and entities actively involved in the TASA Project in order to enrich online content.

The renewed website www.projectotasa.com features new functions and content, while allowing people to navigate the site more intuitively. The new site provides information on material, the craftspeople and designers involved, in addition to the project’s history, research articles and news. The site is owned by the CCDR Algarve, the organisation promoting TASA.

The project’s new online store can be accessed at www.projectotasashop.com. Here you’ll find a varied selection of Projecto TASA products, presented in detail. This site also features a ‘configurator’, an innovative function developed especially for Projecto TASA, which will help customers to select the perfect product, combining a range of variables, such as colour, materials, categories and prices. There will also be an area in which customers can register, in which special promotions will be offered. Given the fact that its purpose is intrinsically commercial, the online store belongs to Proactivetur, the company that manages Projecto TASA since 2013.

TASA Project – Ancestral Techniques Current Solutions
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