Pupils at Vilamoura International School design graphic image for TASA pieces

Inspired by the Algarve’s architecture, the friendly nature of its people and by the intense colours of this landscape, year-nine pupils studying art at Vilamoura International School have designed a series of graphic images for a range of kitchenware products within the second phase of the TASA Project.

The 25 pupils were introduced to the project, to the pieces for which they would be creating the images, and to the reason for their collaboration, i.e. to become the designers of a new graphic image, to be applied to products from the Algarve dedicated to the Mediterranean diet.

The work process, which involved taking a closer look at the identity of the Algarve and carrying out research for the creation of patterns and friezes, resulted in amazing images, which made it hard to choose the best of the work submitted.

Congratulations to all the pupils for all the effort they put into the designs and thank you to Vilamoura International School and to class teacher, João Espada, for accepting the challenge.

Interaction between young people and the TASA Project is fundamental to achieving the mission of asserting arts and crafts as a profession of the future.

Here are some of the winning works in the ‘patterns’ and ‘friezes’ category.


1st place: Martim Reis

Inspired by the vision of Vasco da Gama in the Age of Discoveries.

1 Martim Reis

2nd place: Rodrigo Faria

Inspired by the sun, the sea (warm and cold currents) and by the ‘heart of the good people of the Algarve’. The heart is also a motif used in chimneys.

3rd place: Anabela Sousa

Inspired by the sun’s rays, by the sky and by the orange groves of the Algarve.


1st place: Betina Menescal

Inspired by the ‘platibanda’ murals found at the top of house façades in the Algarve, combining two traditionally used geometries.

1 Betina Greca Menescal

2nd place: Gil Verganista

Inspired by the ‘platibanda’ murals and by the colours of sand, sea, fields, oranges and shellfish.

3rd place: Salvador Freitas

Inspired by beaches and the Algarve’s chimneys, and by the colours and chosen geometries.

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