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The TASA Alentejo Project aimed to extend the mission to bring innovation to the handcraft industry to this territory, while promoting it as a profession with future. This project was carried out in a partnership between Proactivetur / Projecto TASA and Simbiose – Associação para a promoção e valorização dos recursos naturais e tradicionais – and had the support of Câmara Municipal de Beja.

The municipality of Beja, like the rest of the country, is witnessing the gradual loss of its ancestral arts and crafts, mostly due to the advanced age of craftsmen masters and the consequent extinction of some traditional activities.


Limited edition

Presenting a limited edition of a collection using locally-sourced clay and lakeshore bulrush, produced by local masters craftsman.



Produced by local master craftsmen, using locally-sourced clay (from Beringel) and lakeshore bulrushes.

These pots pay homage to the Alentejo tradition of one-pot meals (açorda [typical ‘soup’ with bread], jantar de grão [chickpea & pork stew]…), around which families gathered to share flavours and stories.

The bulrush base avoids direct contact with the hot clay surface and serves as a base to put on the table.

Artisans: António Mestre (clay) + Manuel Pica (bulrush)

Design: Inês Carvalho

Sausage Grill – Alentejo


Crafted by a local master potter using locally-sourced clay (from Beringel).

This table grill is inspired by one of the region’s traditional pottery pieces – the fogareiro [brazier] – a vessel in which embers were lit to grill fish.

The piece is made with Beringel clay and contains a recipient for alcohol, and a removable grate for easy cleaning.

Artisan: António Mestre (clay) 

Design: Inês Carvalho



Produced by local master craftsmen using lakeshore bulrush and nationally-sourced wood.

The tradition of handcrafted production of seating for rural households has been given a contemporary flip. The curved finish of the wood confers elegance to this piece. The feeling of comfort is provided by the natural and flexible touch of the seat, interwoven with lakeshore bulrush.

Artisans: Manuel Pica (bulrush) + José Pedro Silva (wood)

Design: Hugo da Silva

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